Wellness half-day for women or men

Treat yourself or give someone a half-day – where your being is addressed holistically:

Your mind is aligned with a selected mantra that corresponds to your situation – that you can integrate into your everyday life.

Your body and your energy pathways are opened by yoga and breath – so that the energy can flow more freely again and physical tension can be released.

As a woman receives a soothing relaxing or slightly aphrodisiac yoni steam bath and then enjoy a soothing mindful Lomi massage for woman and man at the end.

A half-day that you dedicate entirely to your body and mind, deeply touched and can return to your everyday life with new life energy.

Yoni Steam

With the Yoni Steam – Yoni comes from Sanskrit, means sacred place and stands for the vagina, vulva and uterus – you sit down naked on a stool, under which medicinal herbs such as mugwort, lavender, rosemary, yarrow and rose are placed boil in water. The aromatic vapor rises through the vagina up the cervix, opens the cervix, locally penetrates cells, kills bacteria and stimulates blood flow to the lining of the womb, removing old blood and debris.

Yoni steaming, i.e. a steam bath for your vulva, can support you with the following points:

Menstrual cramps

Irregular cycle

Gynecological complaints

Sexual Trauma

Embracing your femininity

womb health and care

For childbirth preparation and postpartum (with your midwife)


Do not take a Yoni Steam: during pregnancy, during menstruation, when exposed to extreme heat, immediately after ovulation – if you are trying to get pregnant.



Woman: 3.5 hours: 240.-

Man 3 hours: 190.-

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