2005-2009 Training in body-centered energy work / Medita School 2009-2011 Training in craniosacral therapy / Medita School 2012 Lomi Lomi Massage/ Roland Dähler


2015-2017 Berufsmasseurin / Bodyfeet


2018 Sacred Dance and feminin Arts / Zola Dubikova


2019 Kundalini Dance/ Leyolah Antara


2019 Tantrische Kurse/ Elana Andermatt in Zürich


2020 Shakti Dance Ayurvital Luzern

I have Emr-recognition and you can bill most health insurance companies for additional insurance.

Andrea Zentriegen

My greatest longing to create peace between the female/body and male/spirit and to unite both in love has led me into an inner learning and growth process with ups and downs, which allows me to keep exploring and learning new things. I experienced some deep transformational processes of dying/letting go and starting over.

At the age of 18, my spiritual journey began with a kundalini activation that brought unconscious issues to the fore. Through traumatic experiences in my life, I was separated from my body and self-esteem and only through different bodywork, massage, yoga, dance and the confrontation with my femininity, I was able to reconnect with my body bit by bit and inhabit it more and more learn.

So I got to know efficient means, which on the one hand reconnected me with my body, my femininity and my sexual nature and at the same time brought me into contact with my inner truth and my self-love. Although I was a single mother and had hardly any financial means at my disposal, I always managed to dig out time and get the financial means together. The longing for peace, wholeness and a lively and fulfilling life have always opened up new paths and opportunities for me.

I am the mother of a son, his life fire has reconnected me with my own strength. I am grateful to be able to accompany him on his way and to grow with him.

I like spending time in nature, by the water and I like to travel to other countries and cultures. My greatest resources are nature, dance, yoga, movement, touch exchange and music. For me personally, togetherness, growth; Mindfulness, closeness and a healthy life in harmony with nature and people are important values.

How I work

I wish to open spaces to experience a natural healing sensuality where your spiritual essence and life force/sexual power can both welcome and merge.

A place where you can arrive at yourself, experience relaxation and opening of your body, physical and energetic blockages can be held in love and explored. Your inner healing powers become effective and new alignment/intention can be set.

Through inner work we gain new life energy, feel more alive, more connected to ourselves, we regain our strength, take responsibility and can shape life the way we want it.

I work with the body, using massage, craniosacral therapy, energy work, meditation, mantra chanting, yoga, movement, breath, dance and voice, .

I do not offer intimate massages.

My various training courses in the energetic and subtle areas enable me to accompany such processes in a mindful and loving way. My senses have been trained in many ways, I have a good understanding of energetic connections and also work on the chakras.

Thanks to my classical training and medical basics, I understand the anatomy of the human body and its connections and can also influence the body manually.

I also know various breathing techniques, body and yoga exercises that I can incorporate into my work and have a supportive effect.

I can support women in connecting with their female womb power and improving the womb-heart-head connection with the help of physical exercises, breath, dance and voice. Here, too, deep-seated themes of femininity can be revealed, which can be healed with love and presence.

I accompany you with presence, mindfulness and compassion and would like to accompany you in your truth, your desires and your needs. I look forward to an open exchange and feedback so that I can respond to you as best as possible.