Kundalini Dance-8part course

Kundalini dance is a dance through the various chakras, beginning with the earth chakra, ascending to the 7th chakra to heaven and through the inner channel back down to earth. It is a tantric energy practice to create transformation and healing. To embody and unite the female / male divine principle to create a holistic, fulfilled life.

Embodied femininity:

Connects with life force, life energy and creative power. She has the power to transform (emotional blockages) old things, to heal and let go through the sacred fire of transformation and the power of love. And in connection and unity with the male to give birth to new life.

Embodied masculinity:

Is the connection to the divine higher consciousness/pure consciousness – a clear, focused and aligned calm mind – which serves life and the whole, which connects us with our highest potential, our soul essence and through the connection and unity with the feminine can be born into life.

Kundalini dance is an activating and at the same time relaxing body practice that works through movement, breath, voice, and expression. It is accompanied by different music that matches the associated chakra. The course lasts over 8 weeks, at the beginning you get to know the different elements related to the chakras -then one chakra is treated each week. The various energy centers are activated and balanced using different instruments such as mantra singing, yoga, specific breathing techniques and moevement.

The process: 

1. Mantra singing

2. Streching and opening of the body

3. Dancing to the respective element/chakra

4. activating shakti breathing with movement/ alternating with the release of uprising energy

5. Free Dance

6. Heart – cosmos- and prana -breath

7. Relaxation/grounding/new birth

8. Meditation/ closing mantra

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