Is a space to arrive at yourself, to experience relaxation and opening and to feel touched in your whole being. I would like to inspire and accompany you to gain a holistic body awareness, to cultivate your sexual power and self-love and to express your true self more and more in this body. It is a space where all of you are welcome. Use the space to do yourself good, to regenerate and nourish yourself, to connect with your living power or use it for your inner transformation and realignment.

Andrea Zentriegen 


My greatest longing to create peace between feminine / body and masculine / spirit and to unite both in love has led me into a deep inner learning and growth process with ups and downs, which allows me to explore and learn again and again. I attended various training courses in areas such as bodywork, massage, yoga, femininity and dance, which I incorporate into my work …


Do you feel…

stressed and you do not take time for yourself, because you think that you must do everything on your own?

touched by your surrounding area, you notice the moods of your surroundings and you lose contact to yourself as a result?

sometimes empty, tense exhausted and you make efforts to let go?

responsible to make other people happy and thereby you forget how you feel?

ashamed to show yourself with your sensual power and your erotic nature?

tensed of the feeling that you always have to appear strong and perfect, and you thank that you are only then loved?




how you feel more relaxed, more nourished, and powerful when you take the time and space for yourself. As a result, you are more in the flow of life and can do your everyday tasks more focused.

how slowness, mindfulness, love, and appreciation give you a safe space to relax, surrender yourself and open up to life.

how wonderful it is to arrive with you and your body and from there to freely shape your relationships. To feel loved, lustful, and alive from the inside out.

if you pay more attention to your needs, longings, desires, and wishes than to satisfy the outside world – how self-empowering and liberating that would be!

how you can create more abundance, wholeness, unity, and ecstasy in your life!

how liberating, lively and enjoyable you can celebrate life when you reconnect more with your sensual power!

you can drop your masks and you are fully welcomed as you are, with everything that you are.



you ask yourself how …

there are several methods which act supportive thereby, for example massages, bodywork, yoga, dance, lap work, mantra, and meditation – if you are interested to learn more, read more regarding that in my offers and reach out to me, to find the appropriate offer with me.





Female Individual Work

Kundalini Dance

Shakti Dance

Wellness Half Day

Craniosacral Therapy

You are beautiful here - use the self-love practice to bring yourself a moment of love, mindfulness and appreciation. Here you can sign up

You are beautiful here, use the elemental power practice to connect with your elemental power and life energy. Here you can sign up.


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Andrea`s competent and at the same time intuitive way of massage, immediately let me relax with confidence. Letting go and recovery were noticeable on both a physical and energetic level and have had a positive effect for a long time to follow.

Tina Köhler

Journalistin, Kinesiologin

Lomi Lomi Massage

I was in very good hands and felt comfortable with Andrea. We have given ourselves time and space so that I can arrive fully and completely.

I thoroughly enjoyed the massage, the tiles, the soft and firm touches. Very quickliy I was immersed in a timeless space.

I kept warm and felt safe.

My body was allowed to open and unfold like a flower.

Andrea`s presence was strong and loving …. thank you very much for this.


A holistic, sensual massage that brings you into the here and now and helps you to feel yourself. Andrea has caused me physical and energetic healing, she is a sensitive and very present masseuse, who massages very softly and fluently. I can definitely recommend her.>



Dear Andrea
I am very happy to come back to you for a massage, not only because I felt very comfortable in every moment, but also because the after-effects were lastingly positive. I felt much more mobile than before the massage, the pain in the back area had disappeared and returned only very weakend,to disappear completly after the second treatment .
I like your diverse way of massaging, often very fine and intuitive, then again powerful and deep, but always in the here and now, full of devotion to the moment. You work is very mindfully without time pressure. This makes me switch off very well and is deeply exhilarating and healing.


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