Female Individual Work

Throughout life I have been asked to search for ways to experience life holistically, fulfilling, lively and to reconnect with the sexual life strength and to learn to anchor the divine within this body. For me, the tantric path is the path of love, which opens up a different kind of sexuality/physicality for me and unites both energies, the female (physicality-life force-transformation) and male energy (spiritual alignment / focus / realignment) and lets shape life more in my middle – from love and from my center.
In the last few years, I have devoted myself to femininity and the womb, which strengthens the presence in the body through movement, breathing technique, dance and voice, dissolves physical and energetic blockages and gets ecstatic energy to flow.
Self-love rituals strengthen self-love.
The Yoni egg practice activates the life force, releases energetic blockages, strengthens the muscles, increases sensitivity and awareness of the female gender, which has a positive effect on sexuality.
Yoni steaming is a steam bath for your vulva and can support you in connection with your femininity to more relaxation, well-being, cleansing and strength.

If you would like to explore your womb mindfully or get to know exercises that get your ecstatic energy flowing and support you in your self-love, then I look forward to welcoming you to my room.

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